Project Description

Current Course Costs

£265  plus VAT- Student Teacher / £395  plus VAT- Qualified Teacher

Current Course Dates

30th-31st January, 2024- Salford, Manchester

5th-6th February, 2024- Gillingham, Kent

5th-6th March, 2024- Salford, Manchester

19th-20th February, 2024 – Durham

22nd-23rd April, 2024- Gillingham, Kent

4th-5th June, 2024- Salford, Manchester

19th-20th June, 2024- Salford, Manchester

Course Length: 2 Days

A British Gymnastics affiliated course taught by an Olympic Trampolining coach. Each teacher on the course will receive a British Gymnastics Resource pack and certificate.

Course Content

An informative course dealing with safety (including unfolding and folding of the trampoline), code of practice, biomechanics and skills related to the school environment.

  • Safety and Code of Practice including unfolding / folding trampoline
  • Warm up
  • Basic kipping technique
  • Body landings
  • Shaped and twisting jumps
  • Basic combinations
  • Half twist to and from body landings
  • Swivel hips and roller
  • Simple sequence construction
  • British Gymnastics proficiency award scheme
  • Mechanics

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