How To Easily Teach Your Students A Half Twist Jump

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A half twist jump is a perfect skill for your students to learn, which they can develop into more advanced skills that combine other moves like a seat landing. This basic skill allows your students to build their trampolining techniques and confidence, as it enables them to create a transition within a sequence. A [...]

How To Teach An Easy Back Landing

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One of the best skills to teach to your students is a back landing. It is a simple skill that can be used in different ways to create more advanced moves such as a cat twist. Similar to the front landing, your students will need to build their confidence in the elements involved in [...]

How To Teach An Easy Front Landing

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There are many staple tricks that will allow your students to continue developing their trampolining skills. Once they know the basic skills such as the tuck jump, the straddle jump and a seat landing, you can move on to teaching your students how to complete more complex moves like a front landing. A front [...]

How To Teach The Perfect Seat Landing

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Teaching a perfect seat landing is really simple, however, this trick can be a bit more difficult compared to skills like the pike jump, tuck jump, or straddle jump, as your students may need to practice a bit more. A seat landing, often known as a seat drop, is a straightforward skill [...]

How To Easily Teach A Straddle Jump

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One of the staple tricks to teach to beginner students is how to straddle jump. As with other jumps like the tuck jump, your students will be able to pick up the straddle jump perfectly and easily, as the difficulty level is 0. Also like the tuck jump, the straddle jump is a skill [...]

How To Teach The Perfect Tuck Jump

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There are certain staple moves that every trampolining teacher needs to be able to teach perfectly - core skills all your students need to master before they can move on to more complex forms. One of the easiest skills to teach is a basic tuck jump: a straight jump that sees your student change [...]