As PE teachers, we do more than teach sports and fitness. We inspire students with the achievements of sports legends, especially during Black History Month. One such legend is Lewis Smith, an exceptional gymnast.

Lewis Smith: A Gymnastics Icon

Born on November 22, 1989, in Peterborough, England, Lewis Smith’s dedication, discipline, and passion for gymnastics catapulted him to success. At 19, he represented Great Britain at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. There, he won a bronze medal on the pommel horse, becoming the first British gymnast in over a century to achieve this feat.

Educate and Inspire

Beyond celebrating achievements, our goal is to inspire. To honor Black History Month, we recommend reading this article about Lewis Smith’s accomplishments on the official Olympics website. It highlights not only his successes but also the challenges he conquered.

Encourage Diversity Discussions

We must encourage discussions on diversity, representation, and accomplishments. Lewis Smith’s story is a potent example of breaking stereotypes and achieving success through hard work and passion. Share his story with your students to ignite their dreams, regardless of their backgrounds.

Enhance Your PE Teaching Skills

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Empower the Next Generation

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Celebrate Achievements

Incorporate the achievements of individuals like Lewis Smith into your PE curriculum to celebrate Black History Month. Inspire students to believe in their potential. Let’s continue inspiring, educating, and empowering students through sports and extraordinary athlete stories.