Project Description

Current Course Costs

£265  plus VAT- Student Teacher / £395 plus VAT- Qualified Teacher

Current Course Dates

7th-8th February, 2024- Gillingham, Kent

13th-14th March, 2024- Salford, Manchester

13th-14th May, 2024- Gillingham, Kent

8th-9th July, 2024- Salford, Manchester

Course Length: 2 Days

A British Gymnastics affiliated course taught by an Olympic Trampolining coach. Each teacher on the course will receive a British Gymnastics Resource pack and certificate.

Course Content

This course will build on your previous trampoline knowledge gained during the Teacher’s Trampoline Part 1.

You will develop the skills to support progressions and complex skills such as somersault rotations, and twists. You will also learn linking skills and routine construction.

This course qualifies you to teach all of the GCSE and A Level P.E. Specification

  • Revision of Safety and Code of Practice
  • Build up skills to front somersault including pikes shape
  • Build up work for back somersaults including piked and straight shapes
  • Shaped body landings
  • Aerial twisting
  • Full twisting to and from body landings
  • Cradle, cat twist and half turntable
  • Mechanics
  • Competitions, routine construction and tariffing of skills

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